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Where to dine in Positano – Terrazza Celè

24 March 2019

Personally I really love of south Italy, and Positano is a real gem of the Amalfi coast. You will be amazed by is narrow streets, bougainvillea flowers everywhere and small characteristic shops.
If you want have an uforgettable dinner, go to Terrazza Celè, a restaurant with an amazing view. The tiffany color that characterizes the restaurant fit so well with the colors of the dusk. I really wanted to have a good memory of that dinner, and the staff was so kind that they reserved us the best table at the corner, in front of the balcony, so that we could fully enjoy the view during the gourmet dinner.



I ordered a battuto of red prawns with basil mousse, origan crumble with fake tomatoe sauce and buffalo mozzoarella, grated snapper with lemon on spring salad and almond sauce. As I am a dessert lover, I opted for the “Tributo all’isola dei galli” (white chocolate mousse and yogurt with raspberry heart and chocolate sponge cake).


At the end they offered us an amaro and a selection of chocolates, highly recommended!

Qui potete visionare il menù: Terrazza Celè


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    27 May 2019 at 19:47

    I’d like to ask how to get to the restaurant?
    Do we need to enter the Marincanto hotel and take stairs to get to the restaurant?
    Thank you so much.

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