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Europe Travel

A weekend in Madrid

19 April 2019

Madrid, the Spanish capital, appears to have very little of the true essence of Spain: strong indeed the various European influences, both in terms of architectural and lifestyle. It’s an sophisticated and clean city, it’s elegant and composure are faboulus. It’s a city with soft lines and shapes, many shops/hotel entrances are on the corner of the structures, always rounded, and never sharp. Don’t miss The market of…

America Travel

20 Best things to do in Los Angeles

9 February 2019

The trip to Los Angeles was one of the trips that remained in my heart. I loved California and its landscapes, the mild climate, the beaches, the cities and, of course, Los Angeles and its trendy nightlife. I would go too far to describe what to do in 8 days, so I’ll write you a list of things you can not absolutely miss.   – Forget about the…

America Travel

My stay in New York at the Dominick Hotel

9 January 2019

During my trip in New York I stayed at the Dominick hotel, a 5-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Soho. The hotel has an elegant appearance, with beautiful interior decoration and accessories, that refine and embellish the whole structure. The hall, the rooms and the bathrooms are cared in every detail. I chose a King room with a beautiful view on Soho…amazing. Also in the bathroom…